Traveling Live Animal Programs

Since 2006, Matt has visited thousands of schools, libraries, camps, birthday parties, assisted livings, nursing homes and special events.  Programs typically last about an hour but are easily customizable depending on the needs of the customer.  Listed below are dozens of commonly requested program themes but we can easily create a custom program just for you!

Matt has been obsessed with survival skills since the age of 12, been through week-long professional survival training twice and has thousands of hours of personal experience.  The programs below are designed for ages 10 & up and can be a 1 hour lecture or 2 hour workshop format.  Outdoor programs are recommended but not required.

Now offering Survival Programs!


  • Your Big Backyard
  • Dependable Defenses
  • Sensational Senses
  • Locomotion Commotion
  • Amazing Adaptations
  • Variety Program
  • Dino Discovery
  • The Adoption Option
  • Fantastic Furries
  • Radical Reptiles
  • Creepy Crawlies
  • Rainforest
  • Desert


  • The Scoop on Poop
  • Myths are for Monkeys
  • Winter Wonders
  • Water World
  • Home is Where the Heart is
  • It's Great to Communicate
  • Global Safari
  • Can You Dig it?


  • Hunger Games 1 Survival
  • Hunger Games 2 Survival
  • Basic Wilderness Survival 
  • Zombie Survival 
  • Hunger Games 1 Survival
  • Hunger Games 2 Survival
  • Primitive Archery
  • Primitive Archery
  • Edible/Medicinal Plants